How To Cut Your Wedding Cake
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I know this is a small detail but I see so many times a bride and groom make a mess of the tradition of cutting their wedding cake.

First a little anatomy lesson on cake design…

There is a board on the bottom of the cake.  Many times couples try to put a knife at the bottom of the cake and lift it out.  They soon realize that they are actually lifting the whole cake!

The idea that most people have about cake cutting is to cut a “V” and then put the knife below the cake and lift up.   As I stated before, you are going to have to put the knife below the cake in order to pull the cake out and with a thick base it is much more difficult to do.  (Especially if you have had a few drinks and all of your family and friends are there looking at you.)

It is my experience that it works best to have two almost parallel cuts up to the next layer.

Then take the knife and go straight down from the top.   Now you can pull the cake out using the knife.

Now you won’t get any icing on your wedding dress!

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Mark has been photographing weddings for over 40 years. First as an assistant to his father and then for the last 25 years on his own. He specializes in romantic fine art photography. He still loves to use film for his photography because of the unique qualities that it provides to his wedding work. Mark has photographed wedding throughout the world including Scotland and Nigeria. You can view his work at

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    Skyline Limousine
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    February 23, 2011 at 9:50 am #
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    I see this helps Brides keep the dress clean, but what about those Grooms would think icing
    on the face is cute!!!

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