Wedding Lighting Through A Media Server
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(Today we are fortunate to have Bay Stage Lighting

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to discuss some of the new and exciting ideas in wedding lighting.)

For many brides and grooms, the purpose of having a wedding is to:

a.) express and commit their love to one another

b.) celebrate with loved ones

c.) create a night they will never forget.

Tying in personal elements and paying tribute to those close to the newlyweds is a way to achieve such a purpose; but how is this done in a unique and fun way, you ask? Well, by completely submersing guests into an interactive and personal environment with a push of a button.
I’m not talking about just lights here; Bay Stage Lighting utilizes what is called a “Media Server” to project static or moving images, as well as videos (pre-recorded or live). Whatever you can image, can be programmed and projected by a media server and go throughout an entire venue space. Don’t think “typical” projection and screen…think IMAX Theater and the feature presentation being whatever you desire.
Here are some ways media servers can create a personal, memorable and interactive wedding.

  1. Pay tribute to loved ones or show special home videos by projecting them onto every wall, as if the entire venue space was one big IMAX screen. Guests would literally be the center of the video, giving the sense they are the ones taping it.
  2. Stream live videos or photos with added special effects onto a surface framed by one of Bay Stage Lighting’s custom décor frames. Bay Stage Lighting can work with a videographer or photographer to showcase live photos and videos; to create one massive photo-booth for everyone to see.
  3. Decorate furniture and other elements by completely wrapping them with projections. Make lounge chair look like moving water while having the bar “on fire.” Guests won’t believe their eyes and will be entertained like never before.
  4. Enhance any theme by using projections to wrap the room from floor to ceiling (floor and ceiling included) creating a realistic environment.

Media Server Projection

on dance floor

Three simultaneous projections

with two small silver décor frames

Large gold-leaf décor frame

showcasing a seating chart
Trying to explain Media Server technology, its anatomy and effects is almost next to impossible. Hopefully the pictures due some it justice (even those don’t capture the full essence of the Media Server).  But what I can tell you is that its possibilities and impacts are endless and priceless. Media Servers are on the horizon for today’s weddings due to the high demand of wanting the “special day” to be interactive and entertaining for guests.

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