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Dealing With The Diva Bridesmaid | After I Said Yes

Dealing With The Diva Bridesmaid
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There seems to be one in every wedding- a diva bridesmaid- who for some reason thinks the wedding revolves around her and not the bride.  So- how do you deal with her?  You have two choices- either talk it out, or disinvite her to be a part of your wedding party.
Usually the bride will take the easy way and talk it out.  Most of the time the diva bridesmaid will realize her inappropriate ways and go back to being a normal friend. Yet, if she’s a true diva bridesmaid- or should I say bridesmaid-zilla- she won’t hear anything the bride has to say and will continue her evil ways.  In this case another bridesmaid who knows the crazy bridesmaid-zilla could try to talk some sense into her.

If all else fails and the diva bridesmaid still doesn’t see the error of her ways, the bride has no choice but to fire her as a bridesmaid.  In most cases this will mean the end of a friendship- but you have to ask yourself- would a friend do all of these awful things if they were really a friend?

Every time I have worked with a bride who has had a diva bridesmaid and chose to fire her, has gone on to have a peaceful, successful wedding.  Conversely, the bride’s who didn’t fire the diva bridesmaid always had drama on the day of the wedding.  Who wants to have to say to anyone on her wedding day, “Keep her away from me!”?  Your bridesmaids should bring you nothing but joy,calm and support on your wedding day, nothing less.

If you have a bridesmaid who is causing you to loose sleep at night, do yourself a favor and disinvite her to be a bridesmaid.  It may jeopardize the friendship, but friendships can be mended . . . you can’t do your wedding day over.  It goes back to what I always say, “Wedding planning is as easy or as difficult as you want to make it.”  Do yourself  and your fiancé a favor, get rid of any excess drama!

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Sarah Fairbairn, president, has over 14 years experience in the event industry with her florist background and private club knowledge. Sarah’s desire was to create a company that is known for its creativeness, honesty, and reliability and she has succeeded in every aspect. Sarah believes that every wedding or event should reflect the client’s interests, but still maintain a unique edge…something that will leave the guests talking after the event for days to come.

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